Bluebelle and her sister Marigold Bear were released back into the wild on December 3rd! The sisters arrived (separately) at ABR on July 5th, so they spent five months in our care. In that time, Bluebelle went from 14.53 pounds to 88.8 pounds! Marigold weighed 13.61 pounds in July and 81.2 pounds now! Here is the story in pictures of their time at ABR.

Bluebelle as she looked in July.

Marigold at UTCVM in July.

Marigold and Bluebelle in Acclimation Pen #2, soon after arrival.

The sisters weren’t in the Acclimation Pen for long. Soon they were out in Wild Enclosure #2.

They scrambled up a tree in the enclosure.

Marigold on the platform in Wild Enclosure #2.

Bluebelle in the Cubby Pool in their enclosure.

Bluebelle was thriving and growing.

Marigold was growing and doing well, also.

Sometimes Bluebelle and Marigold slept together on the platform.

Following the passive capture protocol, the sisters were captured in the Acclimation Pen.

Marigold was the first to go to the release staging area.

Marigold (nubbin end) on the stretcher.

Marigold’s front end, with eyes covered.

Bluebelle at the release staging area, with eyes covered.

Both bears had healthy teeth and gums. These are Bluebelle’s.

The two bears wasted no time in running into the woods at their release site.

As always, we wish our two cubs may have long, healthy, and happy lives in the wild, where they belong. Good-bye and Good luck, Marigold and Bluebelle Bear!