The security cams really help the curators (and us) keep track of what the cubs are doing at night as well as during the day. We start this post with an amusing glimpse at sisters Marigold and Bluebelle at night.

They started the night sleeping in a cozy daybed between two trees.
Bluebelle gets out of bed. Maybe her sister was moving around too much.
Bluebelle goes in search of a new spot.
Marigold has the bed to herself.
Marigold changes her position.
She rolls over and curls up in a ball.
Marigold turns around again.
Something caused her to wake up. Time to forage or to find Bluebelle.
In Enclosure #1, Dandelion and Bentley were sleeping late on their platform.
One of the Triplets investigated the Acclimation Pen in Enclosure #3. Their sleeping places were not revealed by the camera, but they usually are in daybeds near the forbidden tree.
A second Triplet appeared in the pen.
In Enclosure #4 – a wrestling match between Jessamine and Boudreaux.
The wrestling match continues.
Boudreaux and Jessamine wrestle on, while Beignet plays with the swingy ball.

And so we see that all ten of the cubs are doing well in their new pens and enclosures. The separation into family groups will make it much easier for the curators and wildlife officers to capture them for release. They don’t seem to mind the recent changes.