As the end of the year approaches, the curators are preparing for releases for most of the cubs, and dens for the Louisiana siblings. To help get ready for the releases, they have made some changes in the routines.

We mentioned that in Wild Enclosure #4 there are several den site possibilities, including the Acclimation Pen with straw added.

Beignet and Boudreaux explore the Acclimation Pen and straw piles. Looks to us like a grand place to den, but we aren’t bears.
Beignet naps, but hasn’t shown interest in a den as yet.
Chonky Boudreaux is still foraging for treats.

Changes for the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 include the open gate between #1 and #2, allowing for travel between the enclosures and several other possibilities that will (hopefully) make it easier to capture the family groups when it’s time. They can go from one enclosure to the other and now will have access to Acclimation Pen #1 and Acclimation Pen #2, as well as the Hartley House.

Dandelion, who has been living in Enclosure #2, checks out the pool in Enclosure #1.
Marigold sits on a log den in Enclosure #2, where she has been residing.
Cubs in Enclosure #2 come together. Perhaps they are plotting some mischief?
Two of the Beary Triplets survey the scene. They don’t have changes in their Enclosure, due to the fact that all they all have access to the Acclimation Pen where they will be captured.

It’s a busy time for curators and cubs, although we don’t think the cubs are aware of how busy their caretakers are. Which group or family of cubs do you think will be first to go? Time will tell.