Bears have excellent protection from all kinds of weather. Their fur coats repel water when it rains, keeping them dry underneath. Recent rains at the facility allowed us to observe their reactions to the drippy weather. For some, it was a good time to snooze. Does that sound familiar? We often find rainy days conducive to snoozing or just being couch potatoes.

Beignet and Boudreaux did a lot of snoozing on their platform.

Boudreaux used his sister as a pillow.
They woke up but didn’t leave the platform, just shifted position a bit.
A closer look at a wet Beignet.
The Beary Triplets didn’t care about the weather as they played on the tire bridge. A few minutes later, they were spooked by a gust of wind and scurried into the underbrush.
The cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 shunned the platform, taking refuge in trees like they will do when they are back in the wild.

All ten cubs are doing well. It’s interesting to see the Louisiana cubs, who are going to stay with us through the winter, becoming increasingly lethargic. Lethargy definitely precedes hibernation, even in the wild. It’s almost as if Beignet and Boudreaux know they will stay, and are getting ready for a long sleep by taking ever longer naps. Where will they settle? Stay tuned.