You may recall that ABR selected January 22 as the official birthday of all the cubs and yearlings who come to us for care. This means that November 22nd was the ten-month birthday for our ten cubs.

Dandelion Bear is now ten months old. She has grown!
Dandelion’s brother, Bentley Bear is ten-months old.
Jessamine, our South Carolina cub, is ten months old.
Bluebelle Bear is ten months old now.
Her sister Marigold is ten months old, too.
The Beary Triplets are ten months old. Here are two of them.
And here is the third Beary Triplet, now ten months old.
The Louisiana cubs, Beignet and Boudreaux, are ten months old.
Here is a group shot, featuring four of the cubs in Enclosure #2.

Recalling how small these cubs were when they first arrived, the fact that they have reached this milestone is truly remarkable. Each month is a triumph. We know we’ll have to say goodbye to the cubs soon, but it is obvious that they are healthy and chubby – well prepared for their return to the wild. Our yearlings, now back in the wild, are twenty-two months old! We wish those yearlings a happy birthday and hope they are thriving in their wild habitat.