We have a treat for you today – a video of the two Louisiana cubs, Boudreaux and Beignet in their Wild Enclosure. As we told you, Beignet, with her recently broken leg, needs to stay at ABR and hibernate here in TN, returning to LA in the spring. Rather than force the LA wildlife officers to make two trips to pick up their cubs, it was decided by the curators and wildlife officers that it would be better for Boudreaux to join her and hibernate here, as well.

Their food will be gradually reduced to encourage them to think about a long sleep, and we will be eager to see how that plays out. For now, though, we can watch them foraging together. It is obvious that Beignet is favoring the right hind leg, but she seems to get along pretty well. Can you believe that both of them weighed less than 3 pounds when they arrived in February?

Click here to watch the video.