Bear cubs have a big advantage in cold weather – they come equipped with warm fur coats that help them stay cozy no matter how cold it gets. But their behavior shows that they enjoy cozying up to other cubs, for added warmth.

Look at this cubby pile in a ground den in Enclosure #2! Bet it’s nice and warm in there.
As the cubs roused to forage for breakfast, Bluebelle and Dandelion engaged in some friendly chomping on each other.
All five cubs were soon foraging together.
Bluebelle discovers ice on the Cubby Pool.
Bentley Bear surveys the scene.
Bluebelle Bear shows off her large caboose.
The Bearys enjoyed a late night dinner.
In the morning, the Triplets were still foraging.
Boudreaux and Beignet snuggled up and slept near a den, but not inside it.

The weather is supposed to warm back to normal (upper 50s – low 60s) next week, so there’s no telling if the cubs will have another snowfall to experience while they are at ABR. Guess we’ll wait and see.