We don’t know if they sensed the upcoming drop in temperature, but the cubs were definitely enjoying the sun on the day before that temperature drop came.

One of the Beary Triplets sits in the sun, showing off a beautiful fur coat.
A Beary Triplet enjoys a peanut, as the shell drops to the ground.
After the peanut, a drink is in order.
Checking a sibling for a peanut, perhaps stuck in the fur?
The two Louisiana cubs forage in the sunshine. They certainly look healthy!
Sisters Marigold and Bluebelle enjoy a little wrestle, with Marigold getting sticks and leaves stuck on her fur.
Two of the cubs in Enclosure #2 enjoy the sunshine.
Look at the thick, shiny fur coats on these two cubs!

All of these cubs are thriving and they’re doing a great job of chubbifying. Their fur will keep them warm when the temperature drops.