As we wrote in the last post, Boudreaux and Beignet are now together in Wild Enclosure #4 where they will spend the winter, to return to Louisiana in spring. The Beary Triplets are still in Enclosure #3 and the five remaining cubs are in the decimated Wild Enclosure #2.

Beignet and her brother Boudreaux rest together on the platform. Although she favors her right leg, she is able to climb up and down.
Something startled the Triplets. One ran off.
The second Triplet ran to follow the first.
The third Triplet was right behind the others. Bears startle very easily and much prefer the option of flight over that of fighting.
A bit later, the Triplets gathered at the Cubby Pool. Crisis was over.
Off they went to forage. It’s interesting how they stay in line as they go.
The five cubs in Enclosure #2 have an easy time finding their food, since they have destroyed all of the underbrush.
From another camera angle, the desolation is even worse.

It’s a good thing that the cubs won’t be in Enclosure #2 for too many more weeks. Hopefully there will be time for healing to take place before we receive the first cubs of 2020. With the Louisiana cubs in Wild Enclosure #4, the original plan to move the larger group from #2 to #4 has been scrapped.