Our last post was photo portraits of the Beary Triplets, taken by our official photographer, Ken La Valley. Today we present the rest of the portraits Ken took on the day he visited the facility. These are the cubs in Enclosure #2.

Ken’s portrait of Dandelion.
Another portrait of Dandelion, in her favorite pose.
Marigold comes out from behind a tree.
Marigold’s sister, Bluebelle Bear.
The South Carolina cub, Jessamine.
Ken took a second photo of Jessamine.
Boudreaux is a hefty bear.
A second portrait of the chonky Boudreaux.
Bentley’s portrait – he is nice and plump, too.
A portrait of two cubs – Bentley and Bluebelle.

Jessamine’s portrait by the Cubby Pool.
Three cubs in a portrait together.
Boudreaux and Marigold seem to be posing for this portrait.
Finally, a portrait of a cub who represents the destructive tendencies of the group.

They all look so healthy and chubby! We’ve seen portraits of all the cubs except for Beignet, whom we’re sure Ken will memorialize in a portrait of her own very soon.