The Beary Triplets came to ABR in April following the death of their mother. From the start they showed themselves to be rascals who loved to wrestle. They have been working hard on their chubbifying ever since, and have provided some very funny moments as they played, wrestled, and foraged.

ABR’s photographer of record, Ken LaValley, came by to take some high quality photos of our nine-month-old cubs, and today we share the photos of the Beary Triplets. Since it’s hard to tell them apart unless they stand up, they will be displayed as simply a Triplet.

A Beary Triplet with a beautiful face.
A Beary Triplet shows off a think, shiny coat of fur.
A Triplet on a mission. We don’t know where or what.
A beautiful portrait by Ken LaValley.
A Triplet foraging.
Another fine photo of a Triplet.
What can we say? They are becoming beautiful, chubby bears.
A Triplet by the Cubby Pool.

Back in April, shortly after they arrived, the little triplets were rascals in the Cub House.

They played and climbed in the Cub House.
Now they are nine-month-old rascals in the Wild Enclosure.

Ken does get excellent photos of our chubbifying cubs. The Triplets have become big little bears. We’ll look forward to seeing his photos of the six cubs in enclosure #2 next.