The six cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 are responding to the dictates of hyperphagia by eating and eating.

All six were caught in the act of foraging in the late afternoon.
Dandelion was doing some more foraging at night with the other cubs.

Even in the middle of the night, there’s always time to attack a sapling if you’re a cub.
Boudreaux and Dandelion are still best buddies. She doesn’t look so very much smaller now.

When it started to rain, all six climbed up a tree – a typical bear reaction to a rainstorm.

More rain means more time in the trees for the cubs in both enclosures. Now the temperatures are set to drop, so we’ll see what behavior those chilly temperatures bring out. Since the cubs have wonderfully warm fur coats with soft fur underneath long, coarse guard hairs that are water repellent, they will stay toasty and won’t mind the change in weather.