When it’s foggy at the facility, the enclosure cams don’t do as well, but we do have a few photos for you. Enclosure #3, where Beignet and the Triplets are residing, was particularly foggy, as you can see from this picture.

The cubs like to hide in the underbrush, and the fog helped to hide them even more.

In Enclosure #2, all the cubs foraged at night.

Marigold Bear foraged in the dark, as did her enclosure mates.
At daybreak, all six were foraging together. They eat and eat, and eat some more.

To complement yesterday’s photo of Dandelion Bear, here is a photo from August to show just how much she has grown in the last three months. Hardly looks like the same bear, does she?

She still sits in pretty much the same pose – is this her portrait pose?

All of the other cubs would show similar growth, if we were to compare photos of them Before and After hyperphagia. It will definitely be interesting to see what they weigh at release time.