In our last post, we told you about Curator Tom throwing a lot of dried corncobs into the enclosures. The cubs loved their new toys. They were a popular toy for the day. But cubs are good at making their own fun, even without the toys. Here are some scenes of cubs at play.

Wrestling is always a popular activity. Here are the two females in enclosure #3.
Look at those nice, round bellies!
One of the Beary boys plays with a corncob and husk.
Two of the Beary boys wrestle, as usual. Wrestling must be innate in these cubs.
Three of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 playing with the corncobs.
Jessamine wants the corncob. Remember that Dandelion stole one from her in our last post. Bentley looks like he’s too fat to move.
Boudreaux tries to climb onto the platform.
Sisters Marigold and Bluebelle sleep together.
Dandelion lies on her back, showing off her round tummy.
All six cubs went to sleep at about 8:45. They might be up for a snack later.
Next morning they were all back to work, foraging.
The cubs in enclosure #2 were back to foraging, also.

So we can see that the cubs, although they are very focused on eating, still have time for some play and for sleeping. Such is the life of bears during hyperphagia.