Despite being in hyperphagia, the cubs take time to work on their “special projects.” In enclosure #3, Beignet and the 3 Bearys are working on two different tasks.

Remember the forbidden tree? The Triplets do also, especially this Triplet.
Seems to be checking if maybe he/she is now tall enough to conquer the tree.
The rest of the cubs appear and the persistent cub is still trying to master the tree.
Beignet works on her project, digging that hole.
She is digging deeper and deeper. Soon she will have a hole deep enough to go into it!

In enclosure #2, the cubs were foraging. Curator Tom had thrown some dried ears of corn into the enclosure.

Jessamine Bear was enjoying an ear of corn.

Dandelion came by to see what Jessamine was doing.
Something startled the cubs.
Everyone took to the trees. Good bears!
Dandelion got down first and ran off with Jessamine’s corn.

We might be tempted to think that it was Dandelion’s plan – to get Jessamine’s corn away from her. Or is that too anthropomorphic? Dandelion is certainly a smart little bear! And we are sure there were more ears of corn to be found.