If it is true that fat bears are healthy bears (and it is true) then our cubs must be very healthy. Just look at them!

Bluebelle Bear finds a snack to continue her fattening process.
Bluebelle and her sister Marigold forage for more snacks.
Even little Dandelion doesn’t look so little any more. She’s found some acorns to munch.
Chonky Boudreaux shows off his rotund self.
Jessamine uses Bentley Bear as a pillow.
As darkness falls, Jessamine and Bentley snooze on the platform.
Bluebelle joins Jessamine and Bentley. Three sleeping bears together.

Bears everywhere are eating quantities of food as they prepare for their winter sleep. The ABR cubs are fortunate that they don’t have to work too hard to forage for their food.