As we have said, the cubs are certainly experiencing hyperphagia, eating all the time, as much as they can. It makes us wonder how much can those tummies hold?

Jessamine enters the scene, foraging. She has a fashionable leaf decoration on her nubbin.
Jessamine is a round little bear. Apparently she’s been eating a lot.
Someone is nibbling at Marigold’s nubbin as she enters the picture. Bentley is partially hidden behind the tree.
In enclosure #3, Beignet forages with two of the Beary Triplets.

Now for the “Dens” mentioned in the title. Curator Ashley has been busy preparing potential dens for when (or if) they are able to move the six cubs from decimated enclosure #2 to the more lush enclosure #4.

Here is one of the dens, nicely camouflaged.
Another den – well hidden and safe.
Two more dens, side by side.
We can see right into this den.
Remember the vertical den? Here is a look inside, showing the log for cubs to climb in or out.

Will the dens be used? That is the big question. Maybe a cub or two will want to take a snooze or rest in one. During the next few weeks the eating will probably slow down as the cubs realize they have gained enough weight. At that time, their metabolism will slow and they will become lethargic and take more frequent naps. At least, that’s what should happen. We’ll see if these rascals follow the pattern or not. Anyway, there are plenty of den choices, if they want to use them.