This post will demonstrate how dedicated the ABR curators really are, as they work to prepare Wild Enclosure #4 for the rowdy cubs that are currently in Wild Enclosure #2.

First, we’ll look at the cubs:

There they are, busily foraging and stuffing their tummies.
This shows the culvert traps as they look from inside the Acclimation Pen.

Meanwhile, in Enclosure #4:

Curators Ashley and Tom are working to get the enclosure ready.
They have added and improved ground dens for the cubs.
Curator Coy works on a new vertical den. He is mounting it on a stump.
Ashley is installing reinforcement strips from the inside.
It’s quite a project!
Coy attaches the new den to the stump.
Strips of bark make it look more realistic.
The finished den – what a masterpiece! Hope the cubs like it.

And over in Wild Enclosure #3:

Beignet and the Triplets sleep in their favorite spot at the base of a tree.
The four cubs forage. The cub on the left just plopped down and ate what he could find without moving.

Good thing that the curators aren’t in hyperphagia since they still need to exert plenty of energy to care for the chubbifying cubs. Wonder if/when the six cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 will enter the traps and get moved to the newly improved enclosure #4? Stay tuned…..