During hyperphagia bears are usually very lethargic, spending all their time eating as they pack on the pounds for the winter. It seems, however, that the ABR cubs haven’t read that memo. They continue to play and especially like to wrestle each other at all hours.

Little Dandelion is being pummeled by Chonky Boudreaux and Bentley.

As if two against one isn’t enough, some more join in the “No-rules Cub Wrestling.”
In the morning the cubs were foraging. They seem to have accepted the culvert traps as part of the scenery now.

Over in Wild Enclosure #3, Beignet and the Triplets were wrestling, also.

They attacked the hammock and each other.
Beignet moves on.
All three of the Triplets get in on the act.
The hammock adds a new dimension to the wrestling.
Pow-bat-smack-swat! There are no rules in cub wrestling.
Here’s a look at the hole the cubs have been digging. It’s getting deep! Quite a project for busy little cubs.

Despite the time spent wrestling and digging, the cubs are doing plenty of eating, too. We’re sure that they are putting on plenty of weight for the winter. The curators are kept busy providing all that food for them to find.