The smallest of the ABR cubs, Dandelion Bear makes up for her small size in cleverness and persistence. The curators have placed a couple of culvert traps in Wild Enclosure #2, which has been all but destroyed by the 6 hyperactive cubs. The plan is to trap the cubs and move them to Wild Enclosure #4, which still has greenery, undergrowth and saplings that have not been decimated. Of course, the appearance of new objects in their enclosure aroused the curiosity of the cubs. Little Dandelion bravely took on the challenge of investigating the strange new things.

The cubs were interested and curious about the culvert traps.
Dandelion accepted the challenge – she will figure it out.
We can almost hear the wheels turning in her head as she studies the strange object.
She pushes on the raised gate (raised so that cubs could enter to be trapped).
Uh-oh! Looks like Dandelion has managed to push the gate down, closing it.
She must feel proud of herself for mastering the strange object.
That takes care of that! Now what?
The cubs go back to foraging. Boudreaux shows off his chonky self.
All six cubs are eating. Dandelion is up on the tire bridge, pointed out by the arrow. Has she told the others about her mastery of the culvert trap?

We are sure that this is not what the curators expected when they placed the culvert traps in the enclosure. It will be interesting to see if they ever succeed in their plan to capture and move the cubs.