It is with heavy hearts that we tell you that Bear #298, Lyon Bear, the cub who arrived on October 9th after being hit by a car, has succumbed to his injuries. After being put into the Hartley House for rest and quiet, we had hope, but by the next day he did not seem to be improving, and indeed, stopped moving at all. UT Vet Dr. Ramsay, with his team, came to ABR to visit Lyon Bear, and it was decided that there was no hope for improvement. After notifying TWRA the decision was made to humanely euthanize the little cub. It is always painful when we lose a bear, but we can take some comfort in the fact that this little cub was safe and cared for on the last day of his short life.

Since we don’t have a photo of him before his accident, we post this photo of a released cub running free. We wish that Lyon’s story could have ended this way. Unfortunately, not every rescue story has a happy ending.

RIP, Lyon Bear.