Our last post featured the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2, so in the spirit of fairness, this time we’ll focus on the group in Wild Enclosure #3. You may recall that while Beignet Bear was recuperating from her surgery her enclosure mates, the Beary Triplets, became fixated on what has come to be known as the Forbidden Tree. They were fascinated and frustrated by the plastic sleeve around the tree that prevents them from climbing it. They haven’t given up, though, as today’s post will show.

One of the cubs resumes digging in the hole they started earlier.
Soon, all four cubs are back to the Forbidden Tree.
They gather around the Forbidden Tree. What are they plotting?
A persistent cub tries again, but still can’t climb the tree.
The cubs decided to give up – for now. But we’re sure they will try again.
Off they go, perhaps to make plans for their next attack on the Forbidden Tree.

Of course we know that it is highly unlikely that the cubs have these ideas in mind (that is way too much anthropomorphism) but it surely seems as though that could be the case as we review the sequence of photos. It’s fun to speculate, at least, and there is no denying that bears, including cubs, are very smart and clever animals.