On October 9th, an injured bear was taken to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine by TWRA. The little bear had been the victim of a car accident in Jefferson County. A male, he weighed in at 51.3 pounds, and at this point it’s not know if he is a cub or a small yearling. His nickname is Lyon.

Although he doesn’t have any broken bones, he has facial swelling and is very lethargic. In other words, he is in a rather fragile state. He was placed in the Hartley House where the temperature can be controlled and where he can have quiet and a place to rest. We will hope for the best.

Bear #298 in the Hartley House where he can sleep undisturbed.

We thought that there would be no more bears added to this year’s class, but you never can tell. Car accidents do happen, and little bears can scoot out of the woods too quickly for a driver to stop in time. If anyone can save little Lyon, it will be the ABR curators and UT Vets. Stay tuned for updates.