Although the cubs often sleep on the sleeping platforms in their enclosures, they also make daybeds the way bears in the wild do. Here are the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 and the daybed they made.

Dandelion and Boudreaux started the trend on this night.
Soon, more of the cubs joined in.
Bentley and Marigold got tangled up.
It was quite a pile of cubs!

After a while, everyone went to sleep. G’night cubs!
At midnight, all of them got up to forage for a midnight snack or two.
At dawn they were resting before eating some more. This is what hyperphagia means – eating and more eating.
Here is there daybed in the light of day. Beary comfortable, we’re sure!

A bed of branches and sticks might not appeal to us, but the cubs like it just fine.