In their instructions for Beignet’s after-surgery-care, the curators were told to keep her leg dry for several days. As a result, the Cubby Pool in Wild Enclosure #3 had been drained, much to the puzzlement of the bears. Now it was time to refill the pool – and none too soon, with our temperatures still in the 90s! Imagine having a black fur coat in this weather!

Even though there was no water, one cub got inside anyway. There are apples there to eat.

The cubs are more active after dark these days. Here is a Beary Triplet at night.
Beignet seems to enjoy eating a vine.
Beignet and the Triplets eat the vines and leaves in their enclosure.
Curator Coy cleaned the pool and replaced the safety log. The cubs were hiding in the underbrush at the far end of the enclosure. Good bears!
When they come out tonight, the cubs will have a clean pool, full of water.
The water in Wild Enclosure #2 pool is clean as well – for a few minutes!
Dandelion Bear was the first to add some dirt to the clean water.
Marigold and Bentley went in the pool later – so much for clean water!

A pool for little bears doesn’t stay clean for long, but they surely do enjoy swimming. The cool water must feel good on these hot days.