It continues to be so hot that the bear cubs are spending their daytime hours in the undergrowth, and venturing out at night to play and forage. We are very glad that the enclosure cams allow us to spy on their nighttime activities.

It’s a tight fit for Beignet Bear in the hollow log den.
Beignet stays near the den after coming out.
She seems to be thinking about going back into the den, while the Triplets are foraging nearby.
Here are the Beary Triplets and their roommate, Beignet.

They supplement their diet by munching on the greenery in the enclosure.
Beignet plays with the swingy ball. It’s better to play at night when the weather is so hot.
She sits down and continues to bat at the ball.
Bluebeary Bear takes a turn at the ball, too.

No one monitors their bedtime, so the cubs are able to play when they want to and to stay up as late as they like. Can’t blame them for preferring to be active during the night!