As the year rolls on, the ABR cubs are keeping busy with the usual activities and have accelerated their eating behavior due to hyperphagia. Here are the latest peeks into their lives.

In the Hartley House, Beignet is snoozing. She is doing well, but the curators are watchful of her behavior, and when she begins to seem stressed, they hurry to provide a distraction.
One of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 snoozes on the platform.
Another cub snoozes not far away. All of these cubs like to sleep on the platform.
The six cubs move into a different part of the enclosure to forage.
Dandelion and Boudreaux. She is still noticeably smaller, but her growth is obvious.
Something startled Jessamine and she climbed a tree.
Bluebelle finds pears, apples, and peanuts.
Marigold eats a peanut.
Boudreaux is a big boy who enjoys the peanuts.
The Beary Triplets are foraging in Wild Enclosure #3. What, no wrestling?

It looks like all the cubs are doing well, and chubbifying as they are supposed to. Good bears!