In today’s post we’ll show all of the cubs (almost – one of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 was hiding somewhere and couldn’t be seen). We think you’ll agree that they are looking mighty good. Some of the cubs were rather lazy today, but you can’t blame them since temperatures have been in the 90s.

Bluebeary was sleeping peacefully.
She started to wake up. Maybe she would get up…..
On second thought, even though night is turning into day, she decides to sleep like her brothers.
Most of the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2. They don’t look too lively, so they?
The fifth one disappeared and here are the remaining four. One is energetic enough to climb a tree.
Jessamine stands beneath a tree.
Lazy Marigold chews on a twig.
Marigold’s sister, Bluebelle, is sleeping on the platform.
Beignet reclines to eat, like a Roman emperor.
Her newly cleaned room next door is ready for her.

The good news is that Beignet seems happier in the roomy Hartley House, much to the relief of the curators. She still has two more weeks before she can return to UTCVM to have the pins removed from her leg. Hopefully her X-rays will show complete healing and she will be able to go back to being an active bear.