Beignet Bear has been recuperating from her surgery to repair her broken leg . She has been in the Red Roof Recovery Center since the surgery at UT. Although she was cooperative and was a “patient patient” for the first couple of weeks, she reached the limits of her patience and let the curators know she wanted out! The UT vets gave permission for her to be moved into the new Cub House (aka the Hartley House).

Curators Coy and Ashley accomplished the move so that the bear cub will have more room.

Coy and Ashley positioned the carrier by the door from the Red Roof Recovery Center.
Curious, Beignet investigated the open door.
With little hesitation, she walked out the door and into the carrier.
The two curators loaded the carrier into the Cubmobile for the short trip to Hartley House.
Beignet has more space in the Hartley House, and more to explore.
Hopefully the added space will satisfy her for the remainder of the recovery period

It’s not easy to keep an active little bear cub from doing what is natural – climbing and playing. Everyone is hoping that she will give us the time she needs to recover. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to explain to her why this is necessary.