We’ve learned a new word to describe our chubbifying cubs – “chonky.” It even sounds like it means chubby, portly, just plain fat. So we’ll add it to our list of adjectives that describe cubs – like Boudreaux.

Now this is a chonky bear if we’ve ever seen one!
Yes, Boudreaux is certainly a big boy. He’s the largest cub in residence, we’re sure.
He is a confident, self-assured bear, the master of all he sees.
A study in contrasts – Boudreaux the largest, and Dandelion the smallest.

Boudreaux can rest or snooze wherever he likes. This doesn’t look too comfortable to us, but apparently it suits him. Look at the size of that paw!

Some packages arrived for Beignet Bear.

Look at the special new toys for our little patient, Beignet!

One of the toys, ready for Beignet Bear.
Beignet eating, while her “not a polar bear” toy waits in the bed.

Beignet is eating heartily. When she is released again, she may be the biggest bear in residence. The last time they were weighed, when the LA cubs were released into the Wild Enclosure, she was actually a pound heavier than her brother. Now, as she eats and doesn’t have a chance to do much exercising, she may continue to outweigh him. Time will tell – three weeks to go for her in the Red Roof Recovery Center.