It’s been a week since Beignet Bear went to UTCVM for surgery to repair her broken leg. So far she’s been a pretty good patient, although we know it is hard for her to not be able to be outdoors and not be able to climb. The curators are trying to keep her interested and entertained by providing some special treats.

Curator Coy created a honey log for Beignet.
Coy drilled holes in the log and filled them with honey and honeycomb.
The idea was to make her work for the sweet treat.
He pushed the honey log into the pen while she was in the other room.
He also filled a treat ball with peanuts and positioned that in her pen.
Wow! Everything is ready for the “patient.”

Beignet liked her honey log!
She kept returning to the honey log. Yum!
She enjoyed eating the grapes. Her Main Course is a bowl of peanuts and mealworms!
She slept well, with a full tummy.

Each day is a milestone for this little bear (and for the curators, as well). It will be a continuing challenge to care for her under these circumstances. If only the reasons could be explained to her, perhaps that would help.