The ABR cubs had a pretty relaxing Labor Day, with not much labor. It was hot, so they weren’t too active.

One of the cubs took a nap in a tree. We can’t tell who it is, since the head end is hidden.

Dandelion is very relaxed as she lies on the ground. Do you think the ground feels cool?

Boudreaux and friends are also napping on the ground, Boudreaux in his hole.
Bluebelle has a snack from a sapling before her nap.
One of the Beary Triplets took a drink from the Cubby Pool.
Two of the Triplets started a wrestling match in the pool.
The new hammock, created by curators, was tested by this Beary Triplet.
The cub found it was even fun to be under that new hammock!
Beignet ate her food and got into her bed.

The cubs had a good Labor Day. Hopefully, your holiday was enjoyable, also, whatever you did.