We posted yesterday that Beignet Bear had required surgery at UT to install pins in her right back leg, after X-rays revealed a break. As we said in that post, she returned to ABR but was placed in the Red Roof Recovery Center, where she will spend the next four weeks with no climbing.

So far, her confinement is working out well. She is doing a lot of resting and hasn’t pushed the limits. We hope that her cooperation continues.

Beignet sleeping in her bed in the Red Roof Recovery Center. Her breakfast is waiting for her.
Look at this sumptuous feast! Grapes, blueberries, pears, apples, peanuts, and even a chunk of honeycomb with a peanut butter “pill pocket” that has her meds inside.
Closeup of the honeycomb and peanut butter pill pocket. This breakfast looks delicious, and she doesn’t have to share with other cubs.
The curators were happy to see that she was putting a little weight on her leg. A good sign. She ate and went back to bed with her stuffed bear.

Of course it is likely that she is still feeling the effects of the surgery and being sedated, and also likely that her meds include something that relaxes her and helps her sleep. It may be a challenge in a week or two, when she starts to feel stronger. But our Curators are very clever, and they will manage to keep her from harming herself. Watch this space.