A few days ago, while watching the security cam footage, Curator Coy noticed that Beignet was limping. Since she was in the Wild Enclosure with the Beary Triplets, the only way to get her was to tempt all of them into the Acclimation Pen with food, and then to sort them and single her out.

Curator David took Beignet to the UTCVM, where x-rays and tests were performed.

Beignet Weighed a healthy 47 pounds!
The X-rays showed a type 2 Salter-Harris fracture of her right femur (right back leg).

It was speculated that she might have caught the leg in something or else she had fallen. She needed surgery to repair the break.

Beignet was prepared for surgery.
The surgeons operated, putting pins in to keep the leg bones in place.

After surgery, Beignet returned to ABR to spend the next four weeks in the Red Roof Recovery Center.

The Red Roof Recovery Center has pens with adjustable ceilings. When lowered, they prohibit climbing. Beignet is not allowed to climb for 4 weeks.
Beignet Bear in the Red Roof Recovery Center.

We can’t help but wonder what the Triplets thought of their brief confinement in the Hartley House (the recently finished new Cub House).

Since Wild Enclosure #1 had been stripped of vegetation, the Beary Triplets were released instead into Wild Enclosure #3, with more trees, saplings, and vegetation.

The Beary Triplets seem to like their new home.
Look at all the greenery! They should be happy here.

We hope that Beignet Bear makes a good recovery. We’re sure that will happen, as long as she can be a patient patient. Little bears are not noted for their patience, but the curators will make every effort to satisfy her.