If you have followed our blog for awhile, you know that every month we celebrate the “birthday” of the bears in our care on the 22nd of the month. ABR has declared the 22nd of January to be the “official birthday” of every bear that comes to our facility. This date is approximately in the middle of the possible dates, from January through mid-February, when bear cubs are born. Since our bears have had a rough start to life, we feel that each month is a cause for celebration.

On August 22nd, our cubs-of-the-year reached their seventh month milestone and our three yearlings reached their nineteenth month “birthday.” Ken LaValley, the ABR photographer, visited the facility to take birthday photos. He was successful with the cubs, not so much with the yearlings. So when you see the yearlings’ photos, you’ll note that only one has a real portrait – the other two are together in a photo taken by the enclosure cam. As we’ve said recently, the yearlings spend much of their day hidden in the underbrush to stay cooler.

Here are the birthday photos for August. Enjoy!

Dandelion Bear is 7 months old!
Bentley Bear is 7 months old!
Marigold Bear is 7 months old!
Boudreaux Bear is 7 months old!
Jessamine Bear is 7 months old!
Bluebelle Bear is 7 months old!
Beignet Bear is 7 months old!
The Beary Triplets are 7 months old! Here is one of them.
Here is the second Triplet, 7 months old!
And here is the third Triplet – 7 months old!

Now for the yearlings –

Iris Bear is 19 months old!
Sweetie and Daffodil Bear are 19 months old!

We couldn’t be prouder of our thirteen bears. They are healthy and beautiful, which in several cases is nearly miraculous. They are getting ready for their second chance at a wild life.