What do the yearlings and cubs so on hot days? We’ve had a lot of hot days recently, and we humans tend to spend a lot of time in air-conditioned homes, stores, etc. The bears can’t do this – so they have their own ways of keeping cool, or at least comfortable.

Taking a nap in the shade is one good choice.

The cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 spend a lot of time napping on the platform in the heat.

After napping, Beignet Bear makes her way down to the ground to forage.
Beignet and the Triplets forage together. Note the deconstructed culvert den. They have been busily working to remove the planks that covered it.
Despite the heat, two of the Triplets engage in a wrestling match.

We shift our focus to the cubs in Wild Enclosure #2.

The six cubs forage and roam the grounds in their enclosure.

What about the yearlings? They spend a significant amount of time hidden away in the thick underbrush, but sometimes the Cubby Pool beckons to them.

Iris Bear takes a dip to cool off. It must feel good!
Sweetie and Daffodil Bear take a turn a bit later.

And so we learn how our little bears cool off on these hot days. Maybe they (and we) will enjoy a cool down in the weather before too long.