It’s been hot lately (in the 90s) but the fur-coated bears seem to be oblivious to the heat at night. They choose to sleep near their enclosure mates. The yearlings do leave space between their bodies, in case there is a stray breeze or breath of air.

A very relaxed yearling on the platform.
There is space between the yearlings, allowing for air to flow between them.

Cubs, on the other hand, prefer to snuggle together, even in the heat. If they were still with their mothers and siblings, the chances are they would be snuggling together.

In Wild Enclosure #2 – a hot pile of cubs.
The paw of one cub touches the ear of another. It doesn’t seem to bother the one who is touched.
How much closer can they snuggle?
A dreaming cub – look at the round belly!
A cubby pillow for another cub.

In Wild Enclosure #1, Beignet and the Bearys occupy their platform. One of the cubs maintains space by sleeping on the other side of the tree.

The four cubs are lined up on the platform.
A sleeping Beary boy.

Sometimes it’s easier to capture photos of the bears at night, thanks to the enclosure cams. During the heat of the day, the underbrush or treetops are the chosen spots to hang out, making it difficult if not impossible to see them.