A kind friend of ABR donated some honeycomb for the thirteen bears in residence. Curator Tom fashioned unique personalized containers for each of the bears.

Curator Tom cut logs – enough for each of the cubs and yearlings to have one.
He hollowed out a space in each log.
Tom filled the spaces with honeycomb, making them ready to throw over the fences to the bears.
The cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 heard the “thunk” of the logs hitting the ground.
Curious, they went to see what the sound had meant.
Dandelion was delighted with her log, and ate every bit of the honeycomb.
After eating her honeycomb, Dandelion needed a drink.
In Wild Enclosure #1, Beignet Bear found a log for herself.
She wasted no time gobbling up the honeycomb.
The yearlings used good manners, even sharing one of the honey logs.

The curators and (especially) the bears were grateful for the donation of honeycomb. Thanks to stories like “Winnie the Pooh” we know that bears like honey, but that’s not the real reason that wild bears tear into bee hives. The major attraction is the bees eggs and larvae, which are an important source of protein for bears.