Our last post was about the yearlings in the morning, so in today’s post we’ll see how the cubs start their day.

Beignet Bear and one of the Triplets slept on the platform together.
It must have been too hot for snuggling. Beignet moved away.
One of the Triplets sleeps behind a curtain of leaves.
The six cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 are down from sleeping places and ready to start the day.
They played for a while in a big, furry pile.
All of them were foraging later in the morning. One doesn’t appear in this photo.
Bentley Bear found an apple.
Boudreaux Bear murdalizes a sapling that was missed yesterday.

The photos show us how chubby and rotund the cubs are becoming. As they eat, the pounds and chubbiness increase. Good bears!