As we have mentioned before, the curators have been somewhat surprised to see how sociable the three yearlings are. It has always been assumed that because yearlings are dispersed from their families, they are strictly loners. These yearling girls have shown a different reality.

The three girls slept together on their platform. They seem to do that often.
Iris Bear was the first one to go down to forage.

Daffodil woke up. She stepped over Sweetie, who stayed put.
Daffodil tried to get Sweetie to “rise and shine.”

Sweetie roused herself, for a minute …….
….but then she went back to sleep.
Daffodil tried again to get Sweetie up.
The two yearlings finally descend from the platform.

The last one starts down.

It’s good to see the three yearlings enjoying each other’s company and getting along so well. We know that when they return to the wild they will live solitary lives, but while they are with us they can be friends.