Today we have some scenes from each of the enclosures. These shots, from the enclosure cam footage, show what was going on at various times. We start in Wild Enclosure #4, to which the yearlings moved recently.

This enclosure has not been occupied at all this year, so the greenery is much more lush than in the other enclosures where bears have been living.
Although they were a little apprehensive of the new space at first, the three girls have become used to the new enclosure and are comfortable on the platform.
They wander in and out of the Acclimation Pen, just as the curators want them to do. This is in preparation for their release later this month.
All six cubs are seen in this photo of Wild Enclosure #2.
Jessamine Bear is getting chubby.
Bluebelle and Bentley sit side by side.
Brother and sister – Bentley and Dandelion Bear.
A view of the enclosure next door with Beignet and the Triplets.
Beignet and two of the Triplets by (and in) the Cubby Pool.

Everyone is chubbifying and doing well as they prepare for their upcoming release into the wild. Hyperphasia will start before too much longer. Watch for it!