In Wild Enclosure #2, the cubs enjoyed a cubby-style breakfast that started with bear shreddies. They gathered at a rotten log in the enclosure, and used their sharp claws to shred the log, yielding insects and their eggs and larvae. The bear equivalent of cereal, eggs, and bacon.

This cub shows the technique for shredding.
There are lots of breakfast treats in the log.
Dandelion had her own method – she shredded from beneath the log.
Something caught their attention (except for Dandelion). Bears are very alert to any sound they hear. We don’t know what caused them to stop and look.
Alert cancelled. Marigold took advantage of the opportunity to bop Dandelion.
Bluebelle brought an apple she’d found. She didn’t share. Dandelion really got into the shredding activity.
Soon the cubs shifted their attention to fruit for everyone.

The cubs had a good breakfast feast with all the food groups. They know what they need to eat in order to chubbify.