The residents of Wild Enclosure #1, Beignet and the Beary Triplets, have learned to get along very well.

The four cubs sleep together on their platform.
It’s time to start the day. They climb down to get to work. Hartley House is the newly finished Cub House for future cubs.
One of the cubs walks the “tightrope.” Bears have amazing balance!
Blackbeary finds a log to shred. There must be insects inside the log.

Beignet sees what Blackbeary is doing. Seems like a good idea.
Blackbeary starts to shred the log. Beignet wants to get in on the action.

Log-shredding is forgotten quickly as the two cubs start to wrestle.

Bear cubs have extraordinary balancing skill, and a short attention span. The ABR cubs are behaving much like normal bear cubs would, in the wild.