Today we have a treat – it’s all about the three yearlings. As you know, they are usually hidden in the undergrowth during the day, but on this occasion they got together before sundown and we can see what they were doing.

Yearlings in the wild have been chased off during the family breakup that takes place in late May to June. Sows are getting ready to breed again and chase their yearling cubs away. Of course the ABR yearlings were separated from their mothers much earlier, though we don’t know what happened in any of their lives.

Sweetie came to us in March. Daffodil was another March arrival and was so sick that she had to spend a few days in the ICU at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine. Iris arrived at ABR in May. They have not only accepted each other, they have bonded and seem to enjoy each other’s company.

It almost looks as though they are having a discussion.
Daffodil Bear seems to be thinking about what to do next.
Iris and Daffodil Bear. We wonder what is going on between them.
Daffodil needed a rest before doing more foraging.
Iris went back to foraging.
Sweetie takes a break from foraging.
Back to work, Sweetie finds some dinner.
Time for a drink for Sweetie Bear.
The water was too tempting – Splash! Sweetie goes into the pool.

We are so pleased that we have these photos of the yearlings to share. It won’t be long until these three bears will be going back to their homes in the wild.