Thanks to our new-this-year enclosure cams (and a grant from Lush Cosmetics), we are able to see what goes on at night as well as during the day. It has been very revealing to the curators as well as to us. Before the cams, we had no idea what went on at night, where the cubs slept, whether or not they foraged and ate during the night, etc. Now we can see what happens.

Here is Beignet Bear, sitting on the platform
She is one chubby little bear cub. Look at that tummy!
One of the Triplets sleeps nearby. It’s rare to see a Triplet lying still.
Here is another Beary Triplet sleeping.
The third Triplet peeks out from behind Beignet.

The night vision camera shows us where the cubs sleep.

Morning comes to Wild Enclosure #2.

Two of the Beary Triplets are wrestling. They do that a lot!
Beignet and the Triplets forage (and two are wrestling) almost out of camera range.

The yearlings in Wild Enclosure #3 and the cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 were playing it cool (literally, as the temperature was in the 90s) and stayed in the undergrowth.