The cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 were slow to get started on this particular morning. It’s not just we humans who have trouble getting up.

Hucklebeary was just too comfy to get up and out.
When he finally got started, he engaged in some morning bark-ripping, a favorite pastime of the cubs.

An unidentified Triplet is not ready to get up, either,
Bluebeary practices sniffing out good stuff.
What is Bluebeary up to? Maybe she’s going to strip some bark of her own.
Beignet Bear and Blackbeary’s ears.
Blackbeary munches a peanut. Yum yum!

In Wild Enclosure #2, breakfast was well underway.

The cubs in Wild Enclosure #2 were on task, foraging earlier than the cubs next door.

Mealtime is a very important part of the day for the cubs. As we have said before, the main job of the bears at ABR is to eat and to chubbify, gain weight for their ultimate release into the wild. They seem to be doing well.