The bears, both cubs and yearlings, at ABR are growing, or as we say, “chubbifying” very well. That, of course, is the goal of ABR, to make the little bears grow enough to be ready for release back into the wild. Today we have some photos that show how well they are doing.

The three yearlings are looking nice and plump as they sleep on their platform.
They came down to forage and have a drink. They have finally lost the last of their winter fur and are looking sleek and healthy.
Sweetie Bear in her own closeup. Doesn’t she look great?

Iris Bear shows us that they eat grass as well as the food provided by curators.
Beignet Bear crosses the tire bridge with ease. She has really increased in strength and balance since she arrived as a tiny little cub.
As Beignet forages, we can see that she, too, has chubbyfied.
In Wild Enclosure #2, Jessamine forages with Marigold and Bluebelle.
Boudreaux leaves the picture frame; Dandelion is on her back, tummy up.
Boudreaux Bear enters the vertical den. Dandelion had just exited to allow the big boy to go inside.

Boudreaux, the big bear in the enclosure, looks rather proud of himself. He has certainly done a good job of chubbifying!

We can be proud of our cubs and yearlings for their success so far in growing and gaining weight. But they aren’t through yet – hyperphasia is right around the corner. That annual feeding frenzy usually gets started in August. Stay tuned.