Bear cubs don’t seem to mind the heat, or, as you saw in the video of the pool party, they get wet to cool off. Today we see some other activities for a summer day.

Bentley Bear hasn’t been “in the news” lately, although his sister Dandelion has had more than her share. So when Bentley sat still for a couple of minutes, it was possible to get photos of him from all angles.

Bentley shows us his right profile.
Then he shows his left profile.
How about a back view?
And finally, the whole bear – he is doing well, no doubt about it. Good balance, too!
Not to be outdone, Boudreaux shows his right profile.
Boudreaux and Marigold touch noses.
Six cubs are busy foraging.
A Beary Triplet goes across the tire bridge.
The Triplet righted itself, and continued across the tire bridge.
Meanwhile, the laid-back yearlings were sleeping on their platforms.
Sweetie Bear woke up with a big yawn.
After a yawn comes a stretch.
Sweetie moved to show us her white chest blaze.

The yearlings are much less rambunctious than the cubs. It’s an interesting contrast – what a difference a year makes!