The Beary Triplets are sharing a Wild Enclosure with Beignet. They all sleep on the platform, but it seems that the Triplets are close together, with Beignet a bit apart. Today we have some good photos of the three siblings.

The Beary Triplets, asleep on the platform.
The Triplets sleep soundly.
Time to start waking up.
Maybe snoozing is better than waking up.
At least one of the “Bearys” starts to get up. Time to forage!

The only other bears who were seen were Daffodil, and one more yearling who appears as a black blob in the undergrowth.

Daffodil reclines at the base of a tree, while the unidentified yearling is only seen because of the arrow pointing to the black shape. Is it Iris or Sweetie? We don’t know.

So there you have it – maybe next time we’ll have photos of the Wild Enclosure #2 cubs and/or the other yearlings. Stay tuned.