As you know, ABR is now caring for thirteen bears – ten cubs and three yearlings. Everyone is doing well, as today’s photos will show.

We start with Wild Enclosure #1, where Beignet and the Triplets are residing.

Something has captured the attention of the four cubs.
This night image shows Beignet and the Triplets sleeping on the platform together.
Beignet snacks on the paw of a Triplet.
Time to rise and shine!
It’s fun to cross the tire bridge.

Next door, in Wild Enclosure #2, Boudreaux, Jessamine, Marigold, Bluebelle, Dandelion. and Bentley are getting along well. They sleep, forage, and play together.

Dandelion sleeps by her brother, Bentley Bear.
Boudreaux is ready to start his day.

Little Bluebelle has great balance!

Finally, we look in on the yearlings in their Wild Enclosure.

Daffodil and Iris Bear share a platform.
Sweetie slumbers on the next platform.

We are happy that all the bears are getting along so well, even though there were some recent changes in their living arrangements. The curators plan to reopen the gate between Wild Enclosures #1 and #2 soon, giving the ten cubs the opportunity to go back and forth at will. That will be fun to watch.